Tuesday, April 27, 2010


In order blog, my publisher say I need be man of more words. So I start talk.

Many people ask me, "Salute Guy, what it like being salute guy?" And I tell you: Is greatest feeling in all of whole earth! I carry with me honor of all of Tehran Iran in my hat, and use power of salute to show all of world why Tehran Iran is greatest land of all!

Take man like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: He not all that much by himself. He barely stand up straight, and he not even able put pants on one leg at time! But when you put man like me behind him, it shows all of world how important he is, and they all come to understand that, without greateness of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, entire world soon see wrath of Allah all over.

Which not good for all of world, especially dirty infidel part.

Now that not to say my entire life about saluting - Not at all. My life full of many pieces and parts, all of which I will share with you lowly infidels. Will start by sharing with you photo from my very first day on job.


I amazed at how young I was back then. It was always dream mine to be somebody important to great Islamic Regime, since evil Shah get boot of Allah. And when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ask for Department of Salute at Tehran University who was ready to go salute him, they sent him to me because I work at it hardest of all the land!

Not that it was easy - Look how scared I am up there! I was like little boy crushed under weight of pregnant goat. My knees shook like great pillars of sand which Allah blow away with the wind. It even look like I not grow into my hat yet!

But as time went on, I remember to rely on the great training of my master professer Fairouz Mehranzadeh, and I learn how crush fears like Allah crush the infidel every last day.

That story I tell you another day. For now I must return to my family's attention while I continue to bask in strong comforts of Tehran once more.

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  1. Hello Mr Salute Guy,
    I must say that I am impressed by your dedication to the pose. It is very artistic the way you do your duty.

    Is it hard saluting all day long? Maintaining that pose despite the heat and pressure? Are you excited to get to see the world?