Friday, April 30, 2010


Good evening, infidel! I continue share hard triumphs that face salute guy every day.

You might find hard to believe, but some countries not have own official salute guy! I know sound crazy, but is true! "What happen when not other salute guy," you ask Salute Guy. Is easy enough answer, and to find it, I show you!


Is Ilham Aliyev, president of Azerbaijan. Now, I not know if it because Azerbaijan is too poor to afford salute guy own, or if they low like infidel dogs, but Aliyev not have salute guy of his own. I know what you infidel thinking: "In situation this, how can possibly be Iran make official ceremony?" And I tell you! Is easy!

Official Iranian Salute Guy become Official Everybody Salute Guy, as I salute BOTH LEADERS at SAME TIME!

See? Is not so hard as you think, infidel! Now I sure this lead to infidel ask another very good question: "Salute Guy, if this same way you salute President and Vice President over all of Iran, won't power of President jump into Aliyev head?"

To make a short story long, NO IT DOES NOT! Because Salute Guy participating in Ceremony of Welcoming Leaders To Iranian President House, not exact translation, we are not read the Oath of Keeping Presidency Powers, and because oath not get read, NO POWER JUMP INTO ALIYEV HEAD.

That not to say that, if someone say Oath of Keeping Presidency Powers in middle of walking into President House, this could not happen. But I have not seen happen yet.

Anyway, that all I have time share with infidel for now, as I must go spend time of quality with family mine.

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