Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Being salute guy not easy as looks. In fact, is much harder. Sometimes job even feel like as hard as great King Darius I subjugating all of the whole Greek infidels under his mighty foot.

Official salute guy must be ready leap into action any time. Sometimes during day, sometimes during night. Always he must be ready. This is one of lessons great professer Fairouz Mehranzadeh always teach at Tehran University, and is one I took very serious.

For an example, I share with you horrible circumstance which I encounter early in career as salute guy.


No, infidel, that not fluffy white dandruff. IT SNOW! I know is hard to believe, but salute guy had be ready even when it snowing DURING MIDDLE OF NIGHT. This time for sleep for many people, but for salute guy is time for incredible bravery, and salute guy ALWAYS ready for that!

Also you notice that I am not saluting in picture above? Yes, is true! I not just official salute guy of all of Tehran Iran. I also official Guy Who Wholds Quran For Departure Ceremony Guy. Title not exact translation from my language, but is something like that. This also is big part of what salute guy does every day.

See, when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the benevolent travel oversees, he first must meet with Ayatollahs and talk about how he stay pure in evil land to which he travels. This ceremony start behind closed doors, but then he emerge triumphant onto porch of airport, where Ayatollah and salute guy is waiting for him, and he take Quran from salute guy. With Quran in hand, he turn to page and read passage that is relevant to land to which he travels. His favorite for long long time is sura 3 verse 64, which says:

"Verily Allah has cursed the Unbelievers and has prepared for them a Blazing Fire to dwell in forever."



After this, he kiss Quran and hand it back to salute guy, and I keep it safe for rest of trip. Now you see how there more to being salute guy than you think, lowly infidel?

And while holding Quran is very important job, maybe most important in all of whole world, is still not all that salute guy does. In fact, there job so much more important, you will be amazed beyond amazed, like nothing you seen ever before in your whole entire life.

But that job I save to tell you another day. Salute Guy have many important chores to attend this fresh new day in glorious Tehran Iran.

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  1. You truly are multi-dimensional Salute Guy. Would have never known had you not felt the glory to share yourself with us infidels. Maybe one day, through your sharing, we can join you in paradise?