Monday, May 3, 2010


One of toughest things about Salute Guy job is having to leave Tehran Iran greatest city of greatest country in whole entire earth, and travel to lands filled with lowly infidel dogs. Is what I doing today, sitting in room of hotel in New York dirtiest city of filthy infidel in all of great satan USA!

Infidel must wonder, "What Salute Guy do with himself when stuck around dirty infidels?" And I tell you. IS EASY!

Salute Guy spend most of time sitting in room of hotel, listening great speeches of Ayatollah Khamenei greatest teacher of Islam in all of whole entire world! He the one inspire me salute greatest of my ability to greatest leader in all of world, each and every day.

In fact, is what I doing right now, while I take time to write infidel dogs about what I do every day! It also good time iron uniform, so Salute Guy keep look like coolest salute guy in whole entire earth!!!

Sometimes when Mahmoud invited to solemn event of rememberance, I come along to salute. I show you how looks in Kazakhstan, which is not infidel nation but is close enough if you see by scandal ladies on sign in back.


Since we are in great satan, land of most evil in all of whole entire world, we not going to salute any dead infidel today, so it look like lots of time in hotel for Salute Guy.

Which mean my uniform look SUPER spotless when you see me next!!

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