Friday, May 7, 2010


As I say in past, being salute guy means travel to all over world at any time of day or night, always. Yes, Salute Guy always ready that kind of action—Is what I train for all my years!! But I bet infidel not know that Salute Guy also have be aware of customs each lowly infidel land we travel to?


Consider little piddly country in Africa—Gambia. On surface, might seem similar to great Iran, because they stand in Tent Of State and have Salute To Presidential Authority just like Iran do. And sure, they do great procedure of orderly military review like we do.


Look normal at first because is same tent, yes? Yeah, except IT NOT NORMAL AT ALL!

For one, their salute guys look very underfed, while their President look like he eat two or three salute guy just last night. And also, they NOT SALUTING PRESIDENTIAL AUTHORITY, even though they in TENT OF STATE!!!!!!!!!!

It strangest thing I ever see—So strange that I start own Salute of State later on, and got all their starving salute guys join in to make feel more like at home. In my many year being salute guy, I never think country be so dumb as to set up Tent of State and not even bother saluting Presidential Authority in proper fashion.

But still not strangest part!

Also in Gambia is custom to pack foreign leaders into American truck and race down highway with many people standing upright in backseat of car waving hands. You think that sound crazy, you should SEE how crazy is. In fact, from my camera I show you!!


They driving like 88 kilometers per hour down highway which TOTALLY CRAZY. I not sure if was to get through heat faster, or to dodge bullets, or to make sure their president not find other salute guy he want to eat on the way over to official state meeting, but was way too fast for Salute Guy tastes.

Anyway, this only small part of customs I share with you for now. What kind crazy customs YOU infidel hear of? Why not try sharing in section comments mine for once?

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